Cyber Tattoo studio for tattoo and piercing

Cyber Tattoo studio for tattoo and piercing was founded in 2007 by Almog Shem Tov, with a vision of merging technology with art.

Cyber Tattoo was the first studio in Israel and the 3th in the world to use a touch-screen program to display thousands of new fresh tattoo sketches to pick and be inspired by. As opposed to the common old fashion way of presenting tattoo sketches – the albums. These days a new special app being developed for the studio to present more than 10,000 tattoo sketches on tablets.

Almog masters the piercing art for more than 17 years, he also practises the art of body modifications in the form of dermals and scarifications.

In Cyber Tattoo studio we strongly believe that each tattoo sketch should never be recycled and by so – the tattoos that are created at the studio are all unique and a one piece creation. No tattoo is the same as the other.

Each of our customers gets the full artist’s – attention, patience, and all of his/her talent. At the studio you can choose 1 of our 4 tattoo artists, each specialises in a different style of art.

Cyber Tattoo studio evolved with the years and is always one step ahead of the client’s demand for uniqueness and style. 99% of the tattoos which the studio produces are tattoos that were specifically created for each customer with great deal of thought of the customer’s request and character combining art and the tattoo-artist’s personal touch.

We are proud to say that Cyber Tattoo studio is a vegan-friendly studio. Our tattoo ink doesn't contain any animal ingredients and was not tested on animals. Our tattoo care cream which is specially and exclusively made for us, as well, does not contain any animal ingredients and was not tested on animals. The same goes for our specially and exclusively piercing care extract.

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